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DEA Security Requirements for the Non-Practioner exerpted from the DEA Office of Diversion Control - Security Outline of the Controlled Substances Act of 1970:

Security Requirements for Non-Practitioner

Non-practitioners include manufacturers, packagers, labelers, distributors, importers, exporters, narcotic treatment programs, and compounders for narcotic treatment programs.

Minimum Standards: Handlers of CI&II Controlled Substances

Small quantities of CI&II raw materials, bulk materials awaiting further processing, and finishing products must be stored in an Underwriters Lab (UL) listed burglary-resistant safe with a Group 1-R lock,

or a General Services Administration (GSA) Class V rated security container, or the equivalent, which affords the following security protection:

1. 30 man minutes against surreptitious entry,
2. 10 man minutes against forced entry,
3. 20 man hours against lock manipulation,
4. 20 man hours against radiological attack.

This safe or security container must be bolted, strapped, or otherwise securely fastened to the floor or wall in such a way that it cannot be readily removed if it weighs less than 750 pounds. Depending upon the quantities and types of controlled substances stored, this safe or security container must be equipped with an alarm system which upon attempted unauthorized entry transmits a signal directly to a central protection company, a local or state police agency which has a legal obligation to respond, a 24-hour proprietary central station operated by the registrant, or such other protection as DEA may approve.

------ end exerpt -----

As a note, a carriage return was inserted after the "Group 1-R Lock," for clarity. The minimum security rating for UL Listed Burglary Resistant Safes exceeds the 10 Man Against Forced Entry rating (#2) for GSA Approved Containers. So, no further specification is needed there. The listed 1 - 4 bullet points are taken directly from the specifications for test requirements of GSA Approved Class 5 Containers. So, those are redundant and not really needed if the container is rated "GSA Approved Class 5." This is pointed out, as sometimes these requirements are incorrectly construed as requiring a UL Listed Burglary Resistant Safe meeting those four bullet points. This is incorrect, as no UL Listed Burglary Resistant Safe is ever tested to be resistant to radiological attack. Those ratings are unique to GSA Containers which, in the case of Class 5 are multi-use containers approved for the storage of classified documents and materials.

The above are the DEA Requirements. Generally, most state's requirements mirror the DEA requirements. But, a few impose additional requirements which will be discussed further below. Most government agencies and service branches also mirror the DEA requirements, as well. But, some may specifically require the use of a GSA Approved Container and disallow the UL option.

There are four options in the GSA Approved Class 5 Containers which may be used. Those are the only options. It is not possible to custom manufacture GSA Approved Containers. They are the GSA Approved Class 5 Two Drawer, Four Drawer, General Purpose (Size IV and II) and the Map and Plan Containers. The Two Drawer and Size IV General Purpose Containers do not meet the minimum weight requirement and must be used with a bolt down kit. It is not premitted to drill into or weld to a GSA Approved Container, and doing so invalidates the container's certification. The GSA Approved Class 5 Weapons Containers or Information Processing Systems (IPS) Blue Label Containers can not be used for this purpose. More details on configurations of GSA Approved Class 5 Containers can be found under the Class 5 tab above.

The UL Listed Burglary Resistant Safes are manufactured with a rating of 15 Man Minutes Against Forced Entry, and higher. So, they all exceed the Class 5 rating. The addition of the UL Listed Group 1-R lock, as required, increases the security of the lock with regard to manipulation resistance. These safes most commonly bear a rating of TL15 and TL30, or 15 and 30 Man Minutes Against Forced Entry. The DEA requires the minimum, TL15, as do most other states, agencies and service branches which allow the UL option. However, it is important to note that some states additionally require either Class 5 or TL30, New York State is one example. This is really overkill, as the TL30 is 300% more secure than the Class 5. These safes are also available in higher ratings, like TL60 or TL30X6. These all exceed all state and DEA requirements and can be used universally. More information on these points can be found under the UL Listed TL tab above.

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