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UL Liated Burglary Resistant Safes for Schedule Narcotics and Cannabis Storage:

DEA Security Requirements for the Non-Practioner from the DEA Office of Diversion Control - Security Outline of the Controlled Substances Act of 1970 premits the use of either a GSA Approved Class 5 or a UL Listed Burglary resistant Safe for the storage of Schedule I and II Drugs.

Unlike GSA Approved Containers, which are only manufactured in specific sizes and configurations and which can not be physically modified in any way without invalidating the GSA certification, UL Listed Safes can be manufactured in a very wide range of sizes and configurations and can even been custom manufactured to exact requirements for a specific installation or application.

A few government organizations have a specific requirement for the use of GSA Approved Class 5 Containers for narcotics and cannabis storage within their organizations. But, many and virtually all commercial and private organizations can choose either GSA Approved Class 5 or UL Listed Safes to meet their federal and state secure storage requirements. For these customers, the UL Listed Safes are generally a better choice as they much more configurable, less costly, offer higher security, in most cases meet minimum weight requirements without the necessity of using an external bolt down kit, and where required these kits are literally built into the safes. They also feature a UL Fire rating, where GSA Approved Containers do not, and feature a penetrating hole for the routing of internal alarm sensor wiring which GSA Approved Containers universally lack.

UL Listed Burglary Resistant Safes, all of which are equipped with the required UL Listed Group 1-R Locks are available from stock in three different configurations:

UL TL15     -- 15 Man Minutes Against Forced Entry
UL TL30     -- 30 Man Minutes Against Forced Entry
UL TL30X6 -- 30 man Minutes Against Forced Entry All Six Sides*

* This is a extremely high security safe which is normally used when storing very large amounts of case, precious metals, gemstones, etc. While it is approved for narcotics storage it is not required by any authority.

All of our UL Listed Burglary Resistant Safes are equipped with the UL Listed Group 1-R Lock (Seargent and Greenleaf 8560 or 2937.) They also all offer a one hour UL fire rating, have a penetrating access hole for the routing of alarm wiring to facillitate the installation of an internal alarm sensor, and include a bolt down provision (even safes weighing over 750 Lbs.) with hardware. The latter is useful for very heavy safes in areas where there are ground motion concerns (earthquakes) and also if there can be a tip over risk for any reason.

Our standard sizes of UL Listed Burglary Resistant Safes are detailed in the table below. We also have a wide range of different interior components including drawers, extendable pharmacy style shelves and key lockable 10 Gauge Steel compartments.

Physical and Structural Considerations for Placement.

If you determine you have a requirement for a UL Listed Burglary Resistant Safe, please note these units are quite heavy. Consideration must be given to placement and installation access, as well as the ability of the floor structure of your building, or ship, to support one, or more, containers. When ordering, you must be specific as to exactly where the container is to be placed, with regard to elevators, stairs, etc, as well as the unloading facilities, i.e. docks, forklifts, present at your  location. If special delivery services are required, and available in your area, these plans must be made at the time your  order is placed.


GSA Approved Class 5 Four Drawer Container
UL Listed T156222

GSA Approved Class 5 Map Plan Container
UL Listed T155022

GSA Approved Class 5 Map Plan Container
UL Listed T153822

UL Listed Burglary Resistant Safes -- Stock Sizes
Shelves in Quantities Listed Included. See Custom Inserts Tab Above for other Accessories

Model Exterior Dimensions Interior Dimensions Cu/Ft Wt.(Lbs) Shelves

UL TL15 15 Man Minutes Against Forced Entry

T151210 17H 18W 18D" 12H 12W 10 1/4D" 0.85 395 1
T151818 23H 23W 19 3/4D" 18H 18W 12D" 2.25 665 1
T152218 27H 23W 24 1/4D" 22H 18W 16 1/2D” 3.8 870 1
T152517 30H 22W 23 1/2D" 25H 17W 13 7/8D” 3.4 890 1
T153822 43H 27W 27 3/4D” 38H 22W 20D” 9.7 1540 2
T155022 55H 27W 27 3/4D” 50H 22W 20D" 12.7 1890 3
T156222 67H 27W 27 3/4D” 62H 22W 20D” 15.8 2240 4

UL TL30 30 Man Minutes Against Forced Entry

T301818 23H 23W 21 1/4D" 18H 18W 12D” 2.25 710 1
T302218 27H 23W 25 3/4D” 22H 18W 16 1/2D" 3.8 925 1
T303822 43H 27W 29 1/4D” 38H 22W 20D” 9.7 1640 2
T305022 55H 27W 29 1/4D" 50H 22W 20D” 12.7 2020 3
T306222 67H 27W 29 1/4D” 62H 22W 20D” 15.8 2400 4
T307236 77H 41W 29 1/4D” 72H 36W 20D” 30 3650 4

UL TL30X6 30 Man Minutes Against Forced Entry – All Sides

T301818X6 25H 25W 22 1/2D” 18H 18W 12H” 2.25 1065 1
T302218X6 27H 23W 25 1/2D” 22H 18W 17H" 3.9 1105 1
T303822X6 45H 29W 29 1/2D” 38H 22W 20D” 9.7 2375 2
T305022X6 57H 29W 30 1/2D" 50H 22W 20D” 12.7 2895 3
T306222X6 69H 29W 30 1/2D” 62H 22W 20D” 15.8 3420 4
T307236X6 79H 43W 30 1/2D” 72H 36W 20D” 30 5050 4

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